National Career Development Month - November
(Last Updated On: November 10, 2022)


All across the country, National Career Development Month in November signals a time for students and employees to focus on their future career choices. No matter their age, students in every classroom have an opportunity to explore careers. With every experience, they come closer to discovering a career choice that they will excel at for years to come. And like many of us, it will take several careers to shape the students of today into the professionals of tomorrow. But that doesn’t mean they can’t explore the opportunities the future holds.

And when it comes to career development, those of us who’ve been working awhile benefit, too! That’s why this month includes students and the entire workforce.

Throughout the month, schools and businesses will host events that will give everyone hands-on experiences. These inspiring activities connect students with professionals who work and thrive in their careers. They ask questions and see the possibilities for their interests and skills.

No matter whether you’re just starting out or are at the top of your game, career development is a life-long skill. And that’s why there are several benefits to participating, too.

  • Educators bring vital social and performance skills into the classroom.
  • Students build confidence in their future opportunities.
  • Educators learn about students’ interests.
  • Students develop skills that will last a lifetime.
  • Professionals hone their skills and advance their careers.
  • Over time, employers fill necessary positions.
  • Students explore a variety of careers.

When students spend time on career development, they’re one step closer to being prepared for their future. Whether they pursue higher education, open their own business or master a skilled trade, career development is a necessary step.

HOW TO OBSERVE #CareerDevelopmentMonth

Implement career development programs in your school or business. Encourage students, families, and employees to participate. Invite businesses to join you in developing programs to fill the needs of your community. Try incorporating some of these ideas into your classroom:

  • Invite students to dress up for their dream careers for a day.
  • Host a career fair.
  • Assist students and employees of all ages to develop their resumes.
  • Offer webinars or online question and answer sessions with business leaders.
  • Encourage students to develop a vision board with their goals, people who inspire them, and their skills.
  • Match students to job shadow opportunities, internships, and tours.
  • Employers, set up a mentor program. Encourage employees to both be mentors and get a mentor.
  • Participate in the annual National Career Development Association poetry and art contest.

Share your events and projects by using #CareerDevelopmentMonth on social media, too.


Since 1967, the National Career Development Association has promoted National Career Development Month in an effort to improve career development at all stages.

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