National Canned Food Month - February
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


National Canned Food Month in February is a time for a second harvest! Your pantry and shelves provide the bounty of canned goods from last fall. Shop your pantry shelves for meals now and make room for the bounty to come.

The story of canned food goes back to the waning years of the French Revolution and Napoleon Bonaparte’s offer of 12,000 francs to anyone who could develop a method of preserving food for his army. Frenchman Nicolas Appert claimed the prize by discovering that applying heat to food in sealed glass bottles improved its shelf life. As a result, Appert’s research led to the current canning methods.

Opening tin cans was a chore. Most people opened them using a chisel and hammer. However, the French army took a different approach: they used bayonets. Then, in 1855, an English surgical instrument maker named Rober Yates invented the first tin-opener.

Modern Technology

Modern canning continues to provide benefits. It saves money and reduces waste so gardeners can reap the rewards of their hard work all winter long. It’s also is also Earth-friendly. Properly preserved foods both taste great and are healthful, too. Ball Mason Jars are the most widely used canning jars, and they are recognized on November 30th during National Mason Jar Day!

There are several methods of canning, and each has its advantages. First, water bath canning is a lower temperature process ideal for jams, jellies, salsa, and tomatoes. The second is pressure canning. The process involves a higher temperature and works best when canning meats, poultry, seafood, chili, and veggies. The third and simplest method is open-kettle canning. In this process, hot food is poured into hot jars then sealed. This canning method is the least recommended. It is very important to learn the principles of keeping food fresh and discouraging bacteria growth. Study the various canning techniques carefully and make sure you are properly equipped before you start.

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The Canned Food Information Council designated February as National Canned Food Month in 1987 to break down misconceptions surrounding canned food as being less nutritious than fresh. Depending on the variety of fruits and vegetables, what they are packed in and served with will make a difference in their nutritional value.

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