National Candy Month - June
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


What sweeter way to kick off the first month of summer than by celebrating National Candy Month? Candy and treats get recognized all month long for their contributions to the way we celebrate our past times, mark special occasions and especial the ways we celebrate every day!

Whether its a box of Milkduds at the movies or hot tamales at the baseball game, there’s a special treat that comes to mind when we get together for some fun times. A visit to the fair reminds us of a big cone of spun sugar, better known today as cotton candy. Fudge and saltwater taffy are a must have after visiting some of our favorite vacation spots.

We often add some sweetness to our trail mix throughout the summer for added energy on hikes or making a s’more while camping. Fresh mints brighten our day or even a wedding reception. There are so many ways candies and the candy industry adds to our lives.

When enjoyed in moderation, candy adds about 40 calories per day. According to the National Confectioners Association, for every one job created in the confectionery industry, seven more are supported in related industries. That includes the farmers, the processors, the distributors and so many more.


What’s your favorite sweet treat? Do you celebrate with sprinkles on your ice cream or a bag of chewy turtles from the candy store? We remember saving our coins to buy our candy by the bag. What was it? Use #NationalCandyMonth to share on social media and thank someone in the industry for all their dedication and hard work.


National Candy Month was first observed in January of 1974. Sales of confections would often drop after the busy holiday season and new year resolutions would kick into high gear making sweets a restricted diet item for some time to come.  The observance would later move to May and then settle into its current place in sunny June.  It was founded by the National Confectioners Association.


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