Each year on December 8th, brownie lovers across the nation enjoy one of their favorite baked goods on National Brownie Day.

In the United States, the chocolate brownie is a favorite, with the blonde brownie running a close second.  A blonde brownie is made with brown sugar and no chocolate and is often called a blondie.

The earliest recipes for brownies we are familiar with today are found published in regional cookbooks and newspapers around the turn of the last century. The 1904 Laconia, NH Home Cookery, the 1904 Chicago, IL Service Club Cook Book, and an April 2, 1905, edition of The Boston Globe are three early examples. In 1906, Fannie Merritt Farmer published a recipe in an edition of The Boston Cooking School Cook Book.  

Three myths have gained popularity over the years regarding the creation of the brownie:

  • In an accidental mixing of ingredients, a chef added melted chocolate to biscuit dough.
  • A forgetful cook left out the flour when mixing the batter.
  • When a housewife did not have baking powder, she improvised to create this new treat. The wife decided to serve her guest flattened cakes.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalBrownieDay

Enjoy some fudgy, warm brownies. Be sure to invite friends and family to enjoy them with you, too! Pour a glass of milk and maybe add a scoop of ice cream. Share your recipes and celebrations by using #NationalBrownieday on social media. 

Chocolate Mint Brownies
Cheesecake Brownies
Cherry Swirl Brownies


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December 8th History


The U.S. Patent Office issued patent No. 572,849 to J.T. White for the improvement in a Lemon Squeezer. The invention made juicing and straining lemons easier.


Robert S. Brookings joined with other government reformers to create the Brookings Institute. The private organization was the first of its kind devoted to independently researching policy on a broad variety of topics and concerns.


President Franklin D. Roosevelt addresses the U.S. Congress one day after the Japanese bomb Pearl Harbor and gives his “Day of Infamy” speech.


The Deer Hunter premieres in Los Angeles, CA. Starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken, and Meryl Streep, the Vietnam War film directed by Michael Cimino won five Academy Awards including Best Picture, Best Director, and Best Actor in a Supporting Role.


Mark David Chapman murders John Lennon in New York City.


SpaceX becomes the first private company to successfully launch, orbit, and recover a spacecraft upon the return of the unmanned space capsule Dragon.

December 8th Birthdays

Eli Whitney – 1765

The American inventor is best known for his invention of the cotton gin, which helped revolutionize the southern economy.

William C. Durant – 1861

The American industrialist made his fortune building carriages, but in 1908, Durant took on the automobile industry when he founded General Motors Corporation.

Elzie Crisler Segar – 1894

The American cartoonist created the spinach-eating sailor named Popeye. His comic strip “The Thimble Theatre” first appeared in the New York Journal and was later syndicated by King Features Syndicate. It wasn’t until 1929 that Popeye would make his first appearance in the comic strip. Then in 1933, Popeye goes animated for the first time.

Julia Robinson – 1919

The accomplished American mathematician contributed greatly to modern mathematics. In 1975, she became the first female mathematician elected to the National Academy of Sciences.

Sammy Davis Jr. – 1925

The multi-talented actor, singer, and dancer rose to fame during the late 40s. By the 1960s, his reputation as a member of the Rat Pack with Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin, Joey Bishop, and Peter Lawford only heightened Davis’s draw.