NATIONAL BRAVE DAY - Fourth Friday in September

National BRAVE Day | Fourth Friday in September
National BRAVE Day | Fourth Friday in September


On the fourth Friday in September, National BRAVE Day honors women who lift each other up, rescue each other and make each other BRAVE.


Sometimes just a flutter of encouragement comes in the form of timely guidance from another woman. Other times, groups of women provide the energy coordinated, thoughtful efforts for someone in need. Women empowering women.

Despite varied experiences and backgrounds, women come together across generations to support each other. These small tokens come in many forms. For example, a momentary reprieve over a cup of coffee during a hectic day makes all the difference. A well-written letter of recommendation for a job may change the course of a life. These small tokens strengthen a woman who may have undergone unspoken tragedy or struggles. The opportunities to empower sisters, friends, family, even a stranger are limitless. National BRAVE Day, seeks out tangible ways to encourage women to keep moving forward and to be BRAVE.


Lift up the life of a woman around you. Show your support by organizing a local movie night for women. Provide gift cards at Christmastime for foster children. Create a fundraiser for a perpetual baby shower. Plan a Valentine’s Day Tea for single mothers. Offer to help edit the resumé of someone you know is seeking a new job. Visit to find out more. Share your ideas and use #NationalBRAVEDay on social media.


The Sweetlife Women founded National BRAVE Day in 2017 in honor of their founder, Kaci Stewart. She has been the catalyst for making a difference in women’s lives. By honoring their founder, Sweetlife Women hopes the observance will be a spark of encouragement to women and a reminder to strengthen one another. Sweetlife Women has been in existence for ten years, and they look for ways to make women BRAVE and give help and guidance where needed. Their annual BRAVE Women’s Conference is every September. Find out more by visiting

In 2017, the Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared National BRAVE Day to be observed the fourth Thursday in September, annually.


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