NATIONAL BOOK AWARDS WEEK – Week Before Thanksgiving

National Book Awards Week - Week Before Thanksgiving
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Authors, publishers, critics, and readers look forward to National Book Awards Week each year. The celebration recognizes authors across five categories who represent the best of American literature.

The week-long series of events focuses on up-and-coming authors, including forums, social festivities, and literature in America. Those who create and discover literature will continue to define it in the generations to come. Even though technology adds pressure to the print world, and fewer adults read as they did 50 years ago, books continue to be relevant. Whether they are in a digital format or print, Americans continue to read books — Albeit, fewer than they used to.

7 percent of Americans read only digital books. – Pew Poll

However, one bright spot in the reading world is young readers. More young adults and teens are reading books than older generations. They read in every format, too. Despite the release of the first e-reader in 1997, young readers still prefer printed books over digital. Interestingly, the Young People’s Literature category was added in 1996, recognizing the growing influence young readers have on literature.

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In 1950, the American Book Publishers Council, American Booksellers Association, and Book Manufacturers Institute established the National Book Awards. Since then, the National Book Foundation was created and supports the event each year.

Past Winners Include:
2018 – The Friend, by Sigrid Nunez
2004 – News from Paraguay, by Lily Tuck
1999 – Waiting, by Ha Jin
1975 – The Life of Emily Dickinson, by Richard B. Sewall
1970 – Them, by Joyce Carol Oates
1955 – A Fable, by William Faulkner
1953 – The Hero Of Our Time, by Vasco Praztolini
1952 – From Here to Eternity, by James Jones


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