National Bologna Day | October 24
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Each year on October 24th, people across the nation make a sandwich to participate in National Bologna Day.  This would be a good day to have a bologna sandwich for lunch.


Sometimes this specialty meat is spelled baloney since that’s how many people pronounce it. However, the more common spelling is Bologna. That’s because it originated in the city of Bologna, Italy. This type of sausage is similar to the Italian mortadella. The finely ground pork or beef sausage or a combination is smoked and cured. In Italy, bologna includes a variety of spices not found in American bologna. In fact, in the United States, regulations require American bologna to be finely ground and without visible lard pieces. It hardly resembles anything found in Italy. It can also be made from chicken, turkey, venison, or soy protein. 

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When is National Sandwich Day?

Many people enjoy bologna sandwiches with a variety of garnishes. Some of those include mustard, ketchup, mayonnaise, cheese, lettuce, pickles, tomato, and onion.

Bologna Bowl – When a slice of bologna is heated, the fat renders and the round slice takes the shape of a bowl which may be filled with cheese or other fillings.

Makers offer a wide variety of bologna to choose from, too!

  • German Bologna
  • Kosher or halal bologna
  • Lebanon bologna
  • Lauantaimakkara
  • Rag bologna
  • South African polony
  • Vegetarian 


Pick out your favorite bologna. Make a sandwich or two. Share with us your favorite toppings, too! Do you toast your bread? Before you take a bite, take a picture to share. Also, if you have a favorite deli serving bologna, give them a shout out!

Celebrate by trying something new and enjoy these bologna recipes:

Fried Bologna Casserole
Various Bologna Recipes
Fried Bologna, Egg on Challah Bread with an American Cheese Rarebit Sauce
Big Daddy’s Prize-Winning Bologna Sandwich
Barbecued Bologna

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Bologna FAQ

Q. Can I freeze bologna to use later?
A. Yes, you can freeze bologna for up to 2 months. Make sure you package it in a freezer-safe material.

Q. How many calories are in bologna?
A. A 3 ounce serving of bologna can contain up to 210 calories.

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