NATIONAL BIG WIG DAY – Last Friday in January

National Big Wig Day | Last Friday In January
(Last Updated On: February 3, 2023)


Putting the “fun” in fundraising while bringing awareness to a cause close to many hearts, National Big Wig Day™! on the last Friday in January, gives everyone an opportunity to play an important role, the role of the Big Wig.


National Big Wig Day™! is both an expression of the potential inside of all of us and an entertaining opportunity to positively impact the lives of others. To do this, we must dust off our hidden talents and bring them forth without hesitation. So be bold and even a little bit courageous. Roll up your sleeves and grab a few friends because that always makes it more enjoyable and the journey more exciting. But whatever you do, bring your Big Wig with you. Because we all have one inside us, and even Big Wigs need to have fun!

Call it what we will, CEO, director, or pilot; we are the Big Wigs in our lives. National Big Wig Day™! reminds us that, regardless of title, we can make a difference and improve the lives of others through celebration.

By demonstrating that even a dollar can have a big impact, National Big Wig Day™ is out to show we ALL have a BIG WIG inside of us.


  • Wear a wig.
  • Visit National Big Wig Day.
  • Host a fundraiser for your favorite charity.
  • Invite others to wear their Big Wigs.
  • It’s not about giving big. It’s about many people giving.
  • Visit the National Big Wig Day™ Facebook page to share your fundraiser.

Use #NationalBigWigDay to share on social media.

Visit the National Big Wig Day™ Facebook page, too, and share all the fun-raising details.


In 2016, Patty Sharkey founded National Big Wig Day™! after a bout of post-holiday blues. After going through her fabulous collection of wigs and selecting a chocolate, raspberry curly wig, and taking a selfie, she posted “Happy National Big Wig Day.”

Soon after the overwhelmingly positive post, Patty was struck with an inspiring cure for the blues, and National Big Wig Day™! was born. Friends in California, New Jersey, Texas, and Massachusetts hosted the inaugural National Big Wig Day™! parties where 75% of the proceeds raised were donated to the Look Good/Feel Better division of the American Cancer Society in 2016.

Each year, Sharkey nominates a Big Wig who inspires the inner Big Wig in us all. Anthony Davis, the Notre Dame Killer, was named the official Big Wig of 2016. His perseverance after a severe brain injury sidetracked his football career earned him the title of Big Wig.

The 2017 Big Wig is Jo Ann Thomas, co-founder of FANtastick Horror Film Festival, for providing a venue for independent filmmakers to feature their work.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar® declared National Big Wig Day™! in October of 2016.

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