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National Beer Lover's Day - September 7


National Beer Lover’s Day is observed annually on September 7th.

Beer and the process of brewing beer may predate known history. As varied as the methods, grains, and flavors, beer continues to change and evolve over time.

Virginia colonists brewed beer. William Penn included a place for brewing beer within the colony of Pennsylvania which can still be visited at Pennsbury Manor today. The first President of the United States recorded a recipe for brewing beer in his notes. Samuel Adams holds a place in both beer and tea history in this country. There were a few beer lovers and patriots among the nation’s founders.

The United States also derives its rich brewing history from beer-loving German immigrants during the mid-1800s. Some of those immigrants families’ names are as familiar today as they were a hundred years ago.

While some names have faded into the past, smaller batch brewers continue to experiment with old and new recipes. The crafting of beer carries rich traditions, often requiring years of training and experience in the trade. Depending on the brewery, the path to brewmaster may take years to develop the skill and expertise necessary to produce a quality beer every time. One certain requirement is a love of beer and the craft.


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Question: How many different styles of beer are there anyway?

Answer: It matters only that it is a beer you hold.

Enjoy your favorite ale or lager with friends. You already know your favorite beer and National Beer Lover’s Day make it your best one yet. Use #NationalBeerLoversDay to post on social media.


Within our research, we were unable to identify the origin of National Beer Lover’s Day.

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