NATIONAL BEAUTY AND BARBER WEEK – Second Full Week in September

National Beautiful Barber Week - Second Full Week in September
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


The second full week in September encourages us to see the Beauty beyond the circumstances during National Beauty and Barber Week. If you like making others look good or enjoy looking beautiful, this celebration is for you! That means, students, clients, stylists, barbers, nail and skin techs, educators, and industry leaders, too. Spend the week exploring career opportunities, sharing professional skills, and “Seeing the beauty” around us.

No matter what life throws at us, we can always seek beauty in the world around us. Often, that beauty is in the way we persevere. You may be a professional keeping us looking sharp and beautiful. Or you may be a student seeking a career in the industry. Of course, even the clientele join the celebration. Seek the beautiful opportunities that empower us and help us overcome any obstacles standing in our way.

  • Strategize safety measures
  • Youth and students explore future careers
  • Develop new client goals

National Beauty and Barber Week focuses on the beauty beyond the skin. And while the industry experiences difficulties from time to time, the observance reminds us it’s more important to “See the beauty” while striving for a greater world.

HOW TO OBSERVE #BeautyAndBarberWeek #BeYOUtifulBarberWeek

Celebrate a week of beauty and success! Invite clients, up and coming stylists, and other businesses to join events. Work together to bring your vision of beauty to life.

  • Support others in their career path by helping them enroll in their program of choice or understand the opportunities available.
  • Get people where they need to go by providing information, assistance or transportation.
  • Help students prepare for State Licensure or give assistance and encouragement for someone needing to retake their exams.
  • Be prepared for the unexpected by scheduling safety training or financial classes and sharing crisis management resources.
  • Improve your understanding of Business Management. As a Salon Owner/Employee or the Self Employed, review investments and insurance benefits. Share your knowledge with others in the industry.
  • Bring in the clientele by placing advertisements and coupon offers in local newspapers. Include offers in circulars, emails, social media or mail-outs. Remind them you’re still there for them.
  • Make contact with your clients. Call them to say hello and how much you appreciate them. You might also find out you’re exactly the person they needed to hear from.
  • Clients, support your local stylists and barbers. It may be as simple as scheduling an appointment. But there’s more you can do, too! Purchase a gift card or bring a treat like lunch or coffee. Another important way to support these businesses is by making a referral or leaving a positive review on their social media. These actions drive more business their way. And don’t forget to leave a gratuity.

Another way to celebrate includes posting pictures of clients, students, the services you provide or receive, and any of the celebrations you’re hosting. When you do, be sure to use #BeautyAndBarberWeek and #BeYOUtifulBarberWeek to share on social media.


National Beauty and Barber Week Logo with Tools black bkgd2Frederick & TeQuilla Holloway (Owners of Funtology, Inc– NonProfit Organization) created this holiday in 2020 while experiencing their first Mandatory Quarantine (COVID-19). This week is to encourage LOVE, inspire BRIGHTER futures and focus on personal individualisms while “Seeing the Beauty” from within.

In 2020, the Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Beauty and Barber Week to be observed the second full week in September, annually.

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