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National Bath Safety Month - January


Throughout the month of January, take part in National Bath Safety Month.

Before you grab the bubble bath and have a good soak, make sure you take a few precautionary measures to prevent an accident from happening to you or a loved one. Each year thousands of people of all ages visit the emergency room due to bathroom-related slips and falls. The accidents that occur while bathing are often overlooked, but remind us the importance of recognizing bathroom safety.

Installing slip-resistant strips or mats on the bottom of your bathtub or shower and having safety handles installed make it easier for climbing in and out of the tub or shower. It’s also a good idea to make sure your bathroom floor is clean, free of spills and has a nonslip rug or mat placed on the floor near the bathtub or shower for balance when exiting. Ensuring water temperature is at or around 120 degrees is important to prevent skin burns. An accident can happen in an instant so it’s recommended children not be left unattended in the bathtub. Preventing bathroom accidents is easy if you take the right precautions and your family will thank you!


Share your upgrades and ideas on social media using #BathSafetyMonth during the entire month of January.


Our research was unable to find the origins of National Bath Safety Month.

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