National Bargain Hunting Week - Second Week in August


National Bargain Hunting Week is observed each year during the second week in August. Whether rummaging through boxes at a flea market, the clearance rack of a department store or the shelves at an off-price business, the hunt for the bargain can be just as exciting as the item discovered.

Before you head out to bargain hunt, make a list of what you’re looking for, with appropriate dimensions (such as acceptable size for large items). Stock your vehicle with rope or twine (to tie things down) and blankets (to cushion items). Stop in your favorite stores frequently. The merchandise at second-hand stores tends to turn over regularly. Do your homework before shopping. See what certain items are going for on Craigslist or e-Bay. Be sure appliances work before you put down the cash.

The last day of the yard sale is generally the best time to make your move. You can get a lot of items for a song, as vendors are often willing to make good deals rather than load up the trucks for the trip home. There is nothing wrong with haggling a bit if the situation allows for it (in some cultures, it’s offensive not to). If you plan on haggling, let the vendor name the price first, and go from there. Respect the vendor’s effort because they may have some attachment to the item. Vendors often give discounts on bulk purchases – if you ask. Be polite, no matter what.


Get friends together and make it a group activity! Shopping, like so many things in life, is more fun in numbers. Go look for some bargains! Use #BargainHuntingWeek in social media.


National Bargain Hunting Week made its debut in 1996. Debbie Keri-Brown, the author of the books Bargain Hunting In Central Ohio and Bargain Hunting in Columbus, founded National Bargain Hunting week in 1996.