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National Baked Scallops Day - March 12


March 12th celebrates National Baked Scallops Day and a popular delicacy, the scallop. 

Scallops are a cosmopolitan family and can be found in all of the world’s oceans. They are one of the most popular shellfish in the world and highly prized as a food source.

There are two fleshy parts of the scallop that are usually sold at the market for human consumption. The adductor muscle is the white medallion of meat which is rich and sweet. This is the piece that is most familiar as the  “scallop” we see on a menu.

There is also the coral or the roe which can range in color from pale coral to bright orange. This crescent-shaped piece is usually discarded before the scallop is sold at market because it may contain toxins. However, sometimes it is sold attached to the adductor muscle. It is bitter and some say it cuts the richness of the rest of the scallop.

These meaty mollusks are very low in fat and are deliciously prepared in a variety of ways.  Baking them omits much of the butter and fat that otherwise go into cooking this lean, white seafood.

Restaurants serve baked scallops as both an entree and an appetizer. However, if you enjoy them enough, have one as your starter and then an entree, too!

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Scallops can be a little tricky to bake. However, with practice, anyone can master them. And they’re so delicious. Invite friends and family to enjoy them with you. You won’t be disappointed! We even have a recipe for you to try!

Baked Scallops recipe.

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March 12th History

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