National Arts & Humanities Month - October
(Last Updated On: November 14, 2022)


In October, National Arts & Humanities Month encourages us to explore the beauty and culture around us. It’s the largest annual celebration of the arts and humanities in the United States, and there are festivities from coast to coast to honor NAHM. During October, we encourage you to reflect on the many ways arts and humanities contribute to our society. Can you imagine a world without music? A world without beautiful art, statues, literature, or culture? A world without the arts and humanities is a world lacking all of those things, and frankly, a world I wouldn’t want to live in. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #ArtsAndHumanitiesMonth

Explore the arts and humanities that have made an impact in your life and use #NationalArts&HumanitiesMonth to post on social media. If you are an artist, promote yourself on social media and show people all the beautiful work you do. During an Arts & Humanities speech in 2016, then-President Barack Obama said,

“In seeking to break down barriers and challenge our assumptions, we must continue promoting and prioritizing the arts and humanities, especially for our young people. In many ways, the arts and humanities reflect our national soul. They are central to who we are as Americans – as dreamers and storytellers, creators, and visionaries. By investing in the arts, we can chart a course for the future in which the threads of our common humanity are bound together with creative empathy and openness.”

You heard the man! Invest in the arts, especially local art, and you will begin going down a lovely path. Chances are, those around you will follow and join you in your support for the arts & humanities. Here are some other ways to celebrate this month.

  1. Host an event, like an open studio, to allow the public to come in and check out the work you do.
  2. Meet up with some friends to attend a local concert or art show.
  3. Write a special post about NAHM and share it on social media with the hashtag listed above.
  4. Write to your member of Congress to let them know about the importance of arts and humanities in our communities. Discuss art education funding.


National Arts & Humanities Month has encouraged others to explore the arts and humanities in their lives since 1993.


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