National Apricot Day | January 9
(Last Updated On: January 5, 2023)


Apricot lovers from all over the United States observe National Apricot Day every year on January 9th.


Related to the peach, the apricot’s velvety flesh is quite similar. However, the texture of the golden-orange fruit is firmer, and the flavor more tart than its cousin’s. Since we easily preserve the apricot, we enjoy this versatile fruit all year long – fresh, canned, and dried.

Apricots are found the world over but originated in northeastern China near the Russian border in ancient times. Later, the fruit was introduced to Europe and Armenia. The apricot found its way to North America when English colonists settled in Virginia. Apricots traveled further west when Spanish explorers and missionaries brought them on expeditions. This migration caused apricots to be grown commercially today.

The apricot tree can grow to 45 feet if left unpruned. It produces white, pink, or red blossoms and is a winter-hardy tree. However, early frosts can damage the fruit.

Fresh apricots pack in the nutrients. A 1 cup serving of apricot halves contains 60% of the daily allowance of Vitamin A and 26% of the daily allowance for Vitamin C. Other vitamins in this low-calorie snack include Vitamin B-6, Magnesium, Iron, and Calcium, and is also an excellent source of fiber.

With its unique flavor, the apricot is a versatile ingredient lending itself to both sweet and savory dishes. Perfect for snacking, apricots are the best fresh off the tree but are also found in markets year-round. Dried, they are delicious in healthy granola or a salad.


The best way to celebrate is by eating an apricot. Whether you enjoy preserves or bake up your favorite recipes, be sure to invite someone to enjoy it with you. We’ve even supplied delicious recipes for you to try.

Consider planting an apricot tree in the spring or exploring and learning about apricot growers in your area. Buying local, when possible, support the growers in your area.

Have some apricots and use #NationalApricotDay to post on social media.


National Day Calendar continues to explore the source of this fresh and naturally delicious holiday which has been observed since at least 2003.

Apricot FAQ

Q. Can apricots be added to baking?
A. Yes! Like many fruits, apricots add their own sweet flavor to many recipes. 

Q. Is there an apricot ice cream?
A. You can find several recipes online for apricot ice cream. Which one will you chose? 

Q. Where do apricots grow?
A. Since there are many varieties of apricots, there is one for every growing zone in the United States. However, late frosts can impact production in some areas. 

Q. Can I dehydrate apricots?
A. Yes. When dried, apricots take on a chewy form. They are also available in grocery stores. 

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