National Alphabet Magnet Day - May 9
(Last Updated On: November 7, 2022)


Beautiful letters and clever language come together in one celebration on May 9th. National Alphabet Magnet Day recognizes the ingenuity and creativity of making words from magnetic letters.

Have you ever spent the morning rearranging the alphabet magnets on your fridge while you sip your coffee? Perhaps your child sits at your feet, practicing the alphabet while shuffling the letters.

Incredibly, these colorful classic letters have been around for 50 years. In 1972, Fisher-Price first released the School Days Desk. The small plastic case served dual functions as storage and a desk. Beneath the chalkboard top, the desk held word cutouts and magnetic plastic letters.

A decade before, advertisements for magnetic chalkboards began appearing. The sets included plastic or wooden letters with magnets attached to the backs. Around the same time, inventor Samuel Hardcastle developed magnetic molded letters for use in the space industry.

Following the release of the School Days Desk, these colorful magnetic letters made their way to our refrigerators. In the decades to come, they evolved into a decorative way to leave short messages, experiment with wordplay, or wax poetic. National Alphabet Magnet Day celebrates this intriguing history and invites you to get creative with magnetic letters.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalAlphabetMagnetDay

  • Begin an anagram game on your fridge or magnetic board.
  • Leave sweet messages. We suggest “Happy National Alphabet Magnet Day!”
  • Compose a haiku.
  • Use the letters to teach your children the alphabet.
  • Share photos of your favorite letter sets and word combinations.
  • Follow the celebration by using #NationalAlphabetMagnetDay on social media.
  • Read Official Proclamation for National Alphabet Magnet Day


TTSC-Logo-R-800pxIn 2022, The Type Set Co. founded National Alphabet Magnet Day on May 9th to commemorate the creation of these classic alphabet magnet toys. They encourage everyone to exercise their word genius using alphabet magnets.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed National Alphabet Magnet Day to be observed on May 9th, annually.

Ashley and Paul Jankowski founded The Type Set Co. in 2017, creating beautiful alphabet magnets sets for the modern family.


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