NATIONAL ALCOHOL SCREENING DAY – Thursday of First Full Week in April

NATIONAL ALCOHOL SCREENING DAY – Thursday of First Full Week in April
(Last Updated On: March 30, 2023)


Every year, National Alcohol Screening Day raises awareness about the harmful effects of alcohol abuse and alcohol dependency. Each year on the Thursday of the first full week in April, these screens offer anonymous and confidential opportunities for those with addiction to seek help.

Addiction impacts not only the person, but their jobs, families, and communities, too. Screening is a large part of outreach programs. These programs bring an opportunity for education, referrals, and treatment to those with alcohol dependency issues.

While most people do not abuse alcohol, some do not realize the effects alcohol has on them and their lives. Others, do not realize the risks they take even when they only occasionally indulge in alcohol. Taking an alcohol screening may point out areas of concern we may not be aware of. For many, it may be the first step toward recovery. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #AlcoholScreeningDay

  • Screening centers will be located at colleges, military installations, designated businesses, and selected government agencies. These screenings are also available online.
  • If you or someone you know struggles with alcohol dependence, online screenings are always available.
  • Taking an alcohol screening test requires no commitment. It also allows each individual to choose to pursue counseling, too.
  • Use #AlcoholScreeningDay to post on social media.


First held in 1999, National Alcohol Screening Day is an initiative of the National Institutes of Health. Sponsored by Screening For Mental Health, the initiative and its events offer anonymous and confidential screenings online or in-person at NASD events.

Alcohol Screening FAQ

Q. Is an alcohol screening a test?
A. No. But it does help determine whether a person needs help controlling their alcohol consumption.

Q. Can my doctor administer an alcohol screening?
A Yes. Physicians can conduct an alcohol screening.

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