Motorsports Awareness Month - August
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


August is National Motorsports Awareness Month. The observance is a time to promote the enjoyment of motorsports in America and to educate participants about safety. Each year, 40,000 families suffer the tragedy of death or serious injury to their children from ATV accidents in the United States. As a result, motorsports safety courses are available for motorcyclists, ATV riders and all types of professional and amateur racers to help reduce the number of injuries enthusiasts endure.

“Motorsports Awareness Month was originally conceived to promote taking a friend to motorsports activities to spread the word of the excitement to be found in drag races, motocross or NASCAR. Now we see that it is also about raising the awareness of the need for adequate and common sense safety standards that will help to keep young adults and children safe.” -Beverly Beuermann-King, Wellness Specialist

In the month of May, National Day Calendar celebrates National Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month, which brings awareness to recognizing motorcycles on the road. The entire month of October celebrates National Motorcycle Ride Day. In preparation for either day, we suggest proper training ahead of time to enjoy riding all summer long.

Some motorsport equipment is not designed for paved roads, such as ATVs. It’s best to stay off all roads to prevent accidents to yourself and others. Never allow children under the ages of 16 to ride adult ATVs. Ninety percent of all ATV injuries involve children. While riding motorcycles, remember, the more visible you can make yourself, the safer you will be. Also, learn how to share the road.

Wear a helmet and other appropriate protective gear. Take the safety course and get the proper hands-on training. Don’t skimp on safety gear either. When deciding how much to spend on a helmet or other protective gear, ask yourself how much your body is worth. That should give the right answer. While it should be a no-brainer, you should never mix riding with alcohol. Get the proper training via a certified safety course. The course offered by your local chapter of ABATE (American Bikers Aimed Toward Education) is especially recommended.


Enjoy the thrill of professional motorsports, and learn from the pros, who take safety seriously. Learn how to ride safely. Take refresher safety courses. Ride within your skill limits. Equip yourself with proper helmets and other safety gear. Don’t mix riding with drugs/alcohol (we can’t emphasize this one enough). And pledge to be a lifelong learner! Find out about the motorsports and ATV safety courses in your community.

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At this time, we are unable to determine the origin of Motorsports Awareness Month.


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