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National Curl Crush Day - March 16


National Curl Crush Day on March 16th empowers everyone to be their own curl crush by loving and showing off their natural, gorgeous curls.

We’ve all done it, flipped through a magazine or scrolled through social media, and secretly wished our hair was different. In fact, 75%* have wished for a different texture and 82%* of women admit to curl envy. That’s why the time is now to flip the script and start crushing on your own curls. National Curl Crush Day on March 16th is a day that’s all about you and every single one of your bouncy, zigzagged curls and coils.

*Survey conducted in February 2021, amongst 100 Black women.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalCurlCrushDay

Join the movement/Celebrate on March 16th by showing off your beautiful curls in all their glory on social media.

  • Use #NationalCurlCrushDay and #CurlCrush.
  • Tag @CarolsDaughter in your post.
  • Invite others with curly hair to join the celebration.

Share your photos and stories using #NationalCurlCrushDay on social media.


Carol's Daughter logo CD - National Curl Crush Day

Carol’s Daughter founded National Curl Crush Day in 2021 to encourage women to stop wishing for someone else’s curls and instead be their own curl crush! They’re on a mission to celebrate and empower everyone to embrace and show off their beautiful, natural hair.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first National Curl Crush Day to be observed on March 16, 2021, annually.

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