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MEAD DAY – First Saturday in August

Mead Day First Saturday in August

MEAD DAY – First Saturday in August

Mead Day – First Saturday in August increases awareness and fosters camaraderie among mead makers. 

One of the world’s oldest fermented beverages, mead is also called honey wine, ambrosia or nectar. A craftsman combines honey, water, and yeast to make mead.  With honey production in high gear, Mead Day shines a spotlight on its key ingredient and the time-honored craft surrounding it. 

Mead has been known to be called the “ancestor of all fermented drinks.”

The flavor of mead varies depending on the ingredients added to the fermentation. Anything from seasonal fruits, herbs, and blossoms can be added. Some mead makers carbonate their beverage like beer, sparkling cider or wine.  For a more hoppy flavor, makers add hops to the recipe.  Producers distill mead for a more liqueur quality producing a brandy.


Go out and enjoy a glass of mead. (Always remember to drink responsibly and never to drink and drive)  Post on social media using #MeadDay.


American Homebrewers Association (AHA) created Mead Day in 2002.

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