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Learn A Foreign Language Month - December


Learning another language comes with a wealth of benefits. That’s why December is National Learn a Foreign Language Month.

Most people learn a second language while in school. They may not be proficient in the language, especially if they do not have the opportunity to speak conversationally in that language. However, the opportunity to learn another language comes with many benefits.

  • It improves your understanding of your native language.
  • Your understanding of other cultures improves.
  • Your confidence improves.
  • Job opportunities improve.
  • It makes travel easier in countries where the new language is spoken.

Learning a new language also provides a boost to our brains by improving memory, creativity, attention span, and reducing cognitive decline. It’s never too late to learn a new language. However, it is easier the earlier you start. That also means children tend to master a second language faster than adults. But don’t let that discourage you. If you have children, learn alongside them.

There are many platforms for learning a new language. And with over half the world’s population being bilingual, you can learn, too. Whether you take a class or download a language application, Learn A Foreign Language Month is the perfect time to do it!

HOW TO OBSERVE #LearnAForeignLanguageMonth

Dust off your old Spanish textbook or sign up for a French class. Learn a Foreign Language Month celebrates languages and the benefits of speaking a new language. You can also:

  • Immerse yourself in the new language by spending time with others who speak it fluently.
  • Offer to teach someone a language you’re fluent in speaking.
  • Take a sign language class.
  • Download a foreign language application.
  • Pick up a book about the foreign language you’re interested in learning.

Share your experience learning a foreign language by using #LearnAForeignLanguageMonth.

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