TAR Syndrome Jylan Ross
(Last Updated On: November 4, 2021)


TAR Syndrome Jylan RossJylan Ross and the Uniquely Me Foundation/TAR Syndrome Association launched National TAR Syndrome Awareness Month in 2021 to educate the public about this rare condition and improve support for those living with TAR. Ross was born with TAR syndrome, and he strives to bring more understanding of the condition while also encouraging and inspiring others who live with it. He knows he doesn’t campaign for more research, awareness, and support alone. His family, including his parents Brenda Ross and Robi Berry, his grandparents Beverly Ross and Geraldine Berry, and friends such as Ehmad Adams, Chevi Price, Lasha Haddix, Christal Sharp, CharKala Stigall, Nicole Coats, Markeisha Brown, Nikkisha Brown, Mae Burgess, and Lakeesha Turpin among many others, believe in Ross’s drive. They followed in the footsteps of Morgan Robinson, the first person to sign a petition for TAR Syndrome Awareness Month, and have encouraged Ross to pursue this mission.

Ross hopes that by bringing awareness to TARS syndrome, people will look at the condition in a different light – that they will see its similarities and differences and support more research and education on the condition.

Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear proclaimed the first TAR Syndrome Awareness Month in 2020. Soon after, several other states issued proclamations.

In 2022, National Day Calendar proclaimed National TAR Syndrome Awareness Month to be observed annually in April.

Ross also recognizes the following people in support of National TAR Syndrome Awareness Month:

Christina Cabral- Allen, TX (Founder of Uniquely Me Foundation) -Son has TARS
Lauren Knight- Rockwall, TX (Secretary of Uniquely Me Foundation) -Son has TARS
Eddie & Aquaia Adams- Mahanoy City, PA (Their son has TARS)
Keisha Collins- Charlotte, NC (Son has TARS)
Kristen Garcia- Richland, WA (TARS Patient)
Elizabeth Gardner- Hampstead, MD (TARS Patient)
Rhiannon Jones- Bolton, KY (Daughter has TARS)
Lauren Elizabeth- Walls, MS (Daughter has TARS)
Sonya Pacone- Phildaelphia, PA (TARS Patient)
Cody & Addy Labay- Victoria, TX (Parents of Teryn Labay)
Ellie Antestenis- Houston, TX (TARS Patient)
Spencer & Ashley Conley- Pearl, MS (Daughter has TARS)
Jeremiah Brown- Watertown, NY (TARS Patient)
Bradden & Kayla Seagraves- Columbia, TN (Son has TARS)
Victoria Smith- Grand Junction, CO (TARS Patient)
Meg Wilson- Cairns, Queensland, Australia (TARS Patient)
Chevi Price- Winchester, KY (TARS Patient)
Kathy Price- Winchester, KY (Chevi’s mother)
Suzanne Jones- Bolton, KY (Daughter has TARS)
Jayne Hicks- Centerville, IN (TARS Patient)
Tameka Martin- Fort Wayne, IN (TARS Patient)
Fernanda Agostini- Curitiba, Brazil (TARS Patient)
Mike & Cheryl O’Hagan- West Palm Beach, FL (Daughter has TARS)
Rekeita Brooks- Bainbridge, GA (Daughter has TARS)
Faith Louise (Taylor)- Edmonton, Alberta (TARS Patient)
Chris Arredondo- Allen, TX (Son has TARS)
Phillip & Jessika Turner- Citronella, AL (Son has TARS)
Rachael Paris- Hillsboro, OR ((Daughter has TARS)
Shantel Lewis- Kansas City, MO (Son has TARS)
LoraBeth Spurlock- Lexington, KY (Son has TARS)
AJ Leitch- Murfreesboro, TN (TARS Patient)
Rob & Sylvia Knight- Biloxi, MS (Granddaughter has TARS)
Amanda Stahl- Fort Wayne, IN (TARS Patient)
Matthew & Amanda Hanft- Murfreesboro, TN (Daughter has TARS)
Ela Radecki- Dearborn Heights, MI (TARS Patient)
Casheen Hamilton- Atlanta, GA (TARS Patient)
Kaleb Dorr- Wagnoer, OK (TARS Patient)
Dennis & Kimberly Dorr- Wagnoer, OK (Kaleb’s parents)
Sherry Landrum- National City, CA (TARS Patient)
Emily Knowles- Sun Valley, ID (Son has TARS)
Travis Rivas- San Diego, CA (TARS Patient)
Joni Vincent- North Carolina (Granddaughter has TARS)
Symone Love- Atlanta, GA (TARS Patient)
LeAnn Snider- Charlotte, NC (Son has TARS)
Brooke Myers- Tucson, AZ (Daughter has TARS)
Aaron & Heather Coleman- Los Angeles, CA (Daughter has TARS)
Cheryl Pascoe- Allentown, PA (Son has TARS)
Zara Laveen- United Kingdom (TARS Patient)
Stacey Brobst- Franklin, NH (TARS Patient)
Janel Gatten- Morganfield, KY (TARS Patient)
Karen Lindenfelser- Bethel Park, PA (Granddaughter has TARS)
Katie Blair- Winchester, KY (TARS Patient)
Shawna Hemenway- Danville, PA (Son has TARS)
Andy & Amber Atkinson- Norwalk, OH (Son has TARS)
Heather Dean- Warsaw, IN (TARS Patient)
Tommy & Ashlee Therrel- Hiawassee, GA (Son has TARS)
Katelyn Spangrud- Alexandria, MN (TARS Patient)
Joanne Osbourne- Labrador, NL, Canada (TARS Patient)
Sara Adele- Nanaimo, British Columbia (Daughter has TARS)
Hannah Avalos- Charlotte, NC (Son has TARS)
Kyle & Ashley Winter- Wanatah, IN (Son has TARS)
Natalie Ruta- Tallahassee, FL (Son & Daughter both have TARS)
Eric Wood- Pittsburgh, PA (TARS Patient)
Kevin& Alyse Bell- St. Louis, MO (Son has TARS)
Kristen Milone- Fredericksburg, VA (TARS Patient)
Rachel Braddy- Manhattan, KS (TARS Patient)


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