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JOB ACTION DAY – First Monday in November

JOB ACTION DAY – First Monday in November


Job Action Day on the first Monday in November redefines the opportunities in the career world. Celebrate by exploring your options.

You don’t have to be dissatisfied with your career to participate in the employment-focused day. Gainfully employed, looking or contemplating a career change, it’s important to always be prepared and keep your options open. Inspecting the current job market can be a valuable tool, whether you’re curious or not.

This national day encourages us to get the tools and resources to master a new job search and land the career of your dreams! It’s also possible to learn how to make the job you have into your dream job. Whichever path you are on, Job Action Day is about exploring the different opportunities available, maybe even ones you didn’t know were there.

It’s important for job seekers to have all the tools they need to find the careers they are looking for. Explore your options, expand them, and empower yourself to grab that dream job.

Are you employed but seeking a change? Examine the options available to you. Are you in the right career? Find out what’s out there and how to go in that direction. New technologies, training, and innovations require advanced approaches to employment all the time. Find the tools to go there.


Make a difference in your career path. Whether you’re seeking change, advancement or recognition, do something about it!

Visit LiveCareer to find out more and find events near you. Use #JobActionDay to share on social media.


The Quintcareers founded Job Action Day in 2008.

2 November 2020
1 November 2021
7 November 2022
6 November 2023
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