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Intimate Apparel Week - 4 x a Year - Feb, May, Aug, Nov (1)


Intimate Apparel Market Week provides a way for industry leaders to come together and exchange information and ideas about this vital sector of the fashion industry. The observance occurs four times a year during the first week of February, May, August, and November.

When it comes to fashion, intimate apparel is one of the fastest-growing markets in the world. In 2017, the global industry generated nearly $1.6 billion. At its current growth rate, the market is expected to reach over $325 billion by 2025.

Not surprisingly, women are the top consumers of intimate apparel. Women account for two-thirds of the total market share. Individuals over the age of 36 make up a majority of intimate apparel buyers. Of all the regions in the world, people in Asia-Pacific are some of the top consumers of intimate apparel. The most popular types of intimate apparel include bras, underpants, sleepwear, shapewear, and thermal wear.

HOW TO OBSERVE #IntimateApparelMarketWeek

During Intimate Apparel Market Week, a non-profit organization called the Underfashion Club hosts fundraisers for upcoming talent. During this week in fashion, designers gain the spotlight by showing off their skills and innovations in the intimate apparel industry.

To observe this week go shopping for new lingerie. If you’re a woman, don’t be one of the 80 percent who wears the wrong bra size. This is the perfect week to get properly fitted for a bra. You can do this at your local lingerie department store. If you’re a male, buy some new intimate apparel for your wife. Even if it’s a comfortable pair of pajamas, she will be sure to love it. Attend a fashion show in your area. Learn about the intriguing history of lingerie.

No matter what you do to observe the week, be sure to use #IntimateApparelMarketWeek when sharing on social media.


The Underfashion Club organizes Intimate Apparel Market Week four times a year. This nonprofit organization was formed in 1958. At the time, they called their company the Corset and Brassiere Women’s Club, Inc. They changed this to the Underfashion Club in 1963. Their mission is to attract and educate young people and to provide them with opportunities in intimate apparel. In addition to the intimate apparel market week, the Underfashion Club hosts the Femmy Gala. During this event, they recognize and celebrate the achievements of industry leaders around the world.

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