International Sushi Day - June 18


June 18 celebrates a Japanese dish of rice, seasonings and vinegar. It’s National Sushi Day!

Sushi chefs use this sticky rice to prepare a variety of delicate and tasty morsels that may include cooked or raw fish, vegetables, and nori seaweed. Fish without sushi (rice) is known as Sashimi. The way sushi is made and the ingredients used determines its name.

Don’t let rules about eating sushi deter you from trying it. Today is a day to encourage people to eat more of it! Make it a food adventure by trying to use chopsticks. Learn how ginger cleanses the palate between different flavors so your mouth is ready to taste new, exciting varieties of sushi.

Develop your ability to recognize aromas, herbs, and seasonings. Making sushi is an art form, and the resulting pieces are just as beautiful as they are delicious. Sometimes the enjoyment comes from admiring the presentation, as much as the dining experience.


Ask for recommendations to a sushi restaurant near you. Invite friends to join you and order a few different kinds of sushi to try. If you’re already a fan of sushi, offer to take someone to a sushi bar for the first time. Or, take a class and learn to make sushi yourself. Use #SushiDay to share on social media.


In 2009, Chris DeMay founded International Sushi Day to encourage people to enjoy more delicious sushi.