INTERNATIONAL STAND UP TO BULLYING DAY – Third Friday in November and First Friday in February

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Twice a year, International Stand Up to Bullying Day encourages people to wear a pink shirt and take a public stance against bullying. The day also shares how to recognize the signs of bullying and find ways to prevent it. It’s held on the third Friday in November as well as the last Friday of February.

Bullying is defined as unwanted, aggressive behavior that involves a real or perceived power imbalance. Another core element of bullying is the high likelihood of repeated bullying behaviors. Bullying does not just affect the person on the receiving end. This kind of behavior affects the bullies themselves, as well as those who witness it. Bullying is especially common among school-aged children.

In the United States, 20 percent of children between the ages of 12 and 18 say they have experienced bullying. On a global scale, one-third of the world’s youth are bullied. Those who did the bullying had more social influence, more money, or were physically stronger than the person they bullied. The bullying usually took place in a school cafeteria, hallway, classroom, school grounds, or bathroom. Some bullies also use texting and online platforms to target their victims.

Bullying occurs in different ways. Some bullies use name-calling or spread rumors. Others are more physical, pushing, spitting, or threatening harm. Purposely making students feel left out and trying to make them do something they don’t want to are other ways kids are bullied. For some, the bullying is so bad that students no longer want to go to school. Worse yet, some students become suicidal due to bullying.

HOW TO OBSERVE #StandUpToBullyingDay

Schools across the world hold events to spread awareness about bullying and how to stand up to it. Many students and staff wear pink shirts to demonstrate solidarity against bullying. You can participate by wearing a pink shirt and encouraging your local schools to take part. You can also learn about bullying behaviors and how to protect your children from them.

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The first International Stand Up to Bullying Day took place in February of 2008 in Canada. During the initial event, over 125,000 students and staff registered to take a STAND against bullying. They wore pink shirts to help unite themselves against bullying. Since then, students all around the world have taken part in this very important day, held twice a year.

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