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INTERNATIONAL SHAREWARE DAY – Second Saturday in December

International Shareware Day - Second Saturday in December


International Shareware Day is celebrated annually on the second Saturday in December.

An open source program owned by the author but is free for the public to use is called shareware. The author provides the program in hopes that the user finds it so useful he offers to pay for the use of the program.

There are literally thousands of shareware programs available. Many are free trial offers with an expiration date unless you pay for the service.  Others are free without a time limit.  Unless the author eventually begins making money for the software, it is unlikely to be updated and eventually will become obsolete.

International Shareware Day recognizes all those software designers and programmers who work tirelessly to create code and programs that make our lives easier, more fun and efficient.  This day reminds shareware users to consider the value of the programs they use and to consider payment for the use.


Consider payment to an author of a shareware program.  Use #InternationalSharewareDay to post on social media.


International Shareware Day was created by former actor and tech talk show host David Lawrence.

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