INTERNATIONAL SHAREWARE DAY – Second Saturday in December

International Shareware Day - December 16
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2022)


Every year on the second Saturday in December, International Shareware Day seeks to recognize the innovation and dedication of computer programmers who put their work on the Internet with free software trials.

In the world of computers, an open-source program that is owned by the author but is free for the public is called shareware. The author provides the program in hopes that the user finds it so useful he offers to pay for the program. The author also encourages the user to make and share copies of the program. The first shareware program was released in 1983 by Bob Wallace. The program was a word processing tool called PC-Write.

Today, programmers make thousands of shareware programs available. Many free trial offers come with an expiration date, unless you pay for the service. Others are free without a time limit. Some shareware is limited to personal non-commercial purposes only. If a business wants to use the shareware, the purchase of a license is required. In most cases, unless the author makes money for the software, it is unlikely to be updated and will become obsolete.

Common Types of Shareware

Adware – software package that renders advertisements as a way to generate revenue for its author.
Crippleware – certain features are disabled until the user buys the software.
Trialware – a free trial is offered, and the user has the option to pay for the software when the free trial expires.
Donationware – the software is entirely operational and asks for a donation to the programmer or a third-party beneficiary.
Nagware – software that persistently asks (or nags) the user to purchase a license.
Freemium – the product is offered free of charge, but payment is necessary to use advanced features or related products.

International Shareware Day recognizes all those software designers and programmers who work tirelessly to create code and programs. These codes and programs usually make our lives easier, more fun, and efficient.  This day reminds shareware users to consider the value of the programs they use and to consider paying for these programs.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalSharewareDay

Celebrate by paying for a free trying you’ve been using. You can also thank a computer programmer for all the hard work that they do. If you are using shareware, be sure to tell your friends about it and encourage them to purchase a license or make a donation to the programmer. Spread the word by sharing #InternationalSharewareDay on social media.


David Lawrence, a former actor and tech talk show host, created International Shareware Day as early as 1995. Our team is still researching the year that International Shareware Day was created.

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