INTERNATIONAL RABBIT DAY – Fourth Saturday in September

International Rabbit Day - Fourth Saturday in September
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2022)


Every year on the fourth Saturday of September, International Rabbit Day promotes the protection and care of domestic and wild rabbits.

Who doesn’t love a cute bunny rabbit? These soft, furry animals are enjoyed by many around the world. Often used as a symbol of fertility and or rebirth, many associate these adorable animals with spring and Easter.

Here are some more fun and interesting facts about rabbits:

  • There are more than 30 species of rabbits around the world
  • Pygmy rabbits are less than 8 inches in length and weigh less than one pound
  • The largest rabbit in the world weighed 49 pounds and was over 4 feet tall
  • Baby rabbits are not called bunnies; they are kittens or kits
  • Fifteen percent of baby rabbits don’t make it to their first birthday
  • A female rabbit is ready to have babies at just three months of age
  • Rabbits originated from Europe and Africa, but they can now be found all over the world. Wild rabbits live in large groups called colonies. While quite prolific, some species are endangered, the riverine rabbit of South Africa included. None of its 10 subpopulations has more than 50 rabbits.
  • Many people keep rabbits as pets. Rabbits make good pets for several reasons. They are quiet, easy to housetrain, need little space, and bond well with their owners.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalRabbitDay

On International Rabbit Day, several chapters of the House Rabbit Society host a variety of events that spread awareness for the welfare of rabbits. Some events include carnivals with live music and veggie burgers, Bunny Days and Bunnyfests, and educational seminars on rabbit care. Some chapters also hold special events that allow the public to adopt a bunny.

If you want to observe International Rabbit Day, watch a movie about rabbits. Some of the most popular movies with rabbits include Roger Rabbit, Watership Down, Bambi, and Bugs Bunny. If you’re more of a reader, try these books: The Tale of Peter Rabbit, The Velveteen Rabbit, Watership Down and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Consider getting a rabbit for a pet. If you already have one, be sure to give it an extra carrot on this special day.

Share an adorable picture of a bunny on social media. When sharing, use #InternationalRabbitDay


The first International Rabbit Day was held on the fourth Saturday of September in 1998. It’s believed that International Rabbit Day was first established in the UK. From there it spread to Australia, and then the rest of the world.

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