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International Podcast Day dedicates September 30th to promote the growing media of podcasts and the technologies surrounding it. Around the world, people listen to their favorite podcasts to keep up with the latest news, technology, entertainment, or information.

Podcasts are digital audio recordings of radio-style programs. Listeners download to hear, play directly from a website, or access via an app or digital media player. Many podcasts include video, too. These on-demand audio files deliver subscriptions as well, creating a library of podcasts available for listeners. Unlike broadcast radio which follows a schedule, podcasts are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Like the latest fashion of binge-watching a TV series, podcasts allow us to listen often and continuously, too. And while podcast topics vary, so do the formats.

  • The Interview – The host of the podcast brings focus to a topic by interviewing a guest.
  • Conversational – Host and co-host provide information in a conversational style. Their banter and commentary bounce back and forth in a natural way.
  • Non-fiction storytelling – The host tells stories from history, technology, discoveries or news.
  • Monologue – All on their own, the host records the podcast. Regardless of the topic, they engage their followers with their own style.
  • Theater – Think old-time radio shows. Casts create original fictional stories full of sound effects. These podcasts appeal to all ages as well.

In the last decade, the medium has exploded. The topics are specialized and attracting concentrated, more engaged audiences. Whether getting a little reality fix by listing to audio blogs during the morning commute or staying on top of the latest technology with a subscription to National Day Calendar’s founder’s The Tech Ranch, podcasts provide value and entertainment. Get a rotating schedule of cooking podcasts or even audio updates of your favorite National Days.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalPodcastDay

Opportunity may be just a microphone away. Do you have some knowledge to impart or something to say? Perhaps your life is too interesting to keep behind four walls and needs to be shared with the world in a podcast. Also, don’t forget to give a shout out to your favorite podcasters. Let them know you’re listening and how much you appreciate their shows.

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Steve Lee, the founder of Modern Life Network, created International Podcast Day in 2014 to promote podcasting as an excellent entertainment and educational medium.

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