International Networking Week - First Week in February


International Networking Week brings together business professionals around the globe to share their growing experience. During the first week in February, join millions of people in marketing, sales, finance, small and corporate business.

Every business professional has goals. Whether its to grow your professional brand or to promote your business through social media, networking develops the professional support system.

The week-long event encourages professionals to thank the mentors and collogues in their networks who’ve been essential to their success. By doing so, we also maintain those connections and keep them vital.

Networking includes numerous benefits to the business professional. For example, one advantage is honing your skills. By connecting with those who share your interests, they can help you troubleshoot problem areas. On the other side, by networking out of your usual circles, you gain additional knowledge, skills, and connections.

Other benefits include:

  • advancing your career and gaining career support
  • confidence building
  • new perspective
  • referrals
  • life-long friendships
  • mentor/mentee relationships

No matter how long you’ve been in the world of business, knowing how to network increases your profile. The week celebrates the benefits and the people who make networking work.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NetworkingWeek

Communities around the world participate in the week-long event by hosting talks, mixers, and fundraisers. Speakers are invited to share their experiences networking and growing their professional networks. Check the International Networking Week website for global activities near you or host an event. Use #NetworkingWeek to share your activities.


Since 2007, BNI founded International Networking Week as a global initiative bringing professionals together to celebrate the power of networking.

Each year, the observance includes a theme. Examples of previous years’ themes include:

  • 2020 Dreaming Big
  • 2019 A New World of Opportunity
  • 2018 Diversity!