International Laverbread Day | April 14
(Last Updated On: April 7, 2023)


On April 14th, discover a nutritious ingredient that comes from the sea. International Laverbread Day celebrates this food with a long history made from seaweed.


Laverbread is the cooked version of ‘laver’ – porphyra seaweed – a diaphanous red algae found abundantly along Wales’ rocky coastline. For centuries, the Welsh have traditionally cooked laver to make laverbread, also called bara lawr and Welshman’s caviar. Not to be confused with sliced bread, laverbread is prepared by cooking the seaweed and creating green gluey sludge. So what’s appetizing about that? Well, for some, laverbread is considered a delicacy. For others, it may be an acquired taste. And still, for others, it’s neither acquired nor a delicacy.

However, laverbread can be added to various recipes. Despite the long cooking time, (8 hours!) laverbread enhances the flavor with a salty sea taste. Add laverbread to soups, dried and crumbled over vegetables, salads, eggs, and even baked into bread. Traditionally, the Welsh roll laverbread in oatmeal before frying or spreading it on toast.

Humans have been consuming seaweed for thousands of years, including laver. Since laver contains more vitamins and minerals than any land-based vegetable, it makes a healthy addition to any meal.

Future Food

Laver also produces 80 percent of the world’s oxygen, earning it the nickname “Lungs of the World.” So this “future food” checks all the boxes for sustainability, too.

  • Requires no land
  • Requires no freshwater
  • Grows up to 20 times faster than traditional crops
  • Requires no pesticides

What more could you ask for when shopping for Earth-friendly food? On International Laverbread Day, celebrate the history, heritage, and benefits of laver.


  • On April 14th experience the joys of laverbread and incorporate it into your cooking.
  • Make laverbread at home. Try this recipe for 5 Beans on Toast with Welsman’s Caviar.
  • Ask your local deli to include fresh laver in the deli case.
  • Share your laver recipes.
  • Learn more about laver and the ways to use it.
  • Share the day using #LaverbreadDay.


laverbread-day-logo-2022The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company founded International Laverbread Day in 2021 to share its love of laver and all its benefits. Jonathan Williams established the company in 2011, creating various seaweed-based products. But the company’s true love is Laver Seaweed. If seaweed is the core of its business infused with Welsh Heritage, then Laver seaweed is Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company’s champion.

Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company puts local food producers and the environment first. Their mission includes using biodegradable packaging and disposables, sustainable power where possible, and applying sustainability principles at every level across the company.

The Registrar at National Day Calendar proclaimed the first International Laverbread Day to be observed on April 14th and annually thereafter.

About Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company

Jonathan Williams founded his award-winning business on a passion for laverbread. Quitting a desk job in Swindon in 2010, he returned to Wales to run a food stall dedicated to Welsh seafood delicacies, particularly laverbread foraged from his local coastline.

Over the years, the business grew from a pop-up market stall to a permanent van at Freshwater West, where people queued to buy treats such as lobster rolls, crab rolls, and breakfast buns stuffed with bacon, egg, cheese, seaweed butter, and laverbread patties. Now Jonathan has taken on the lease at The Old Point House, an iconic old smugglers’ inn reached across a tidal causeway on Angle, Pembrokeshire. Work is underway to give the venerable pub a new lease of life – and it will include a permanent Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company presence via a repurposed boat selling street food in the pub garden. The Pembrokeshire Beach Food Company also has an online shop selling deli goods such as dried laver (Welshman’s caviar), Môr Ketchup (seaweed ketchup sauce), seaweed butter, seaweed pesto, and more. In 2017, Jonathan launched Barti Rum, a seaweed spiced rum.

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