INTERNATIONAL GRENACHE DAY – Third Friday in September

National Grenache Day - Third Friday in September (1)
(Last Updated On: May 11, 2022)


Every year on the third Friday in September, International Grenache Day creates awareness for one of the most widely planted grapes in the world. It’s also a day to celebrate this red-wine grape.

Most people know wine is made from grapes. You might also know that winemakers use different grapes to create a wide variety of wines. One such grape used is called the Grenache grape. The Grenache grape is a bright red fruit that adds both a refreshing and appealing flavor to wines. Growers raise this particular grape on six of the seven continents, so it is no surprise it is the main grape of many famous wine regions.

Spain lays claim to the grape’s origins, and today, it is the third most widely grown grape variety in Spain. However, other areas of the world are increasingly growing the Grenache grape, too. France, Australia, and the United States all grow this versatile grape. Vineyards dedicate about 200,000 hectares around the world to growing Grenache grapes.

Winemakers prefer this grape due to its low acidity and tannins, which helps to make the wine taste less bitter. They also blend the Grenache grape with other grapes to create the perfect bottle of wine. People who have come to love wines made from the Grenache grape call themselves Grenachistas.

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Many winemakers hold special events on this day. They organize visits to the vineyard and host taste-testing events of their Grenache-based wines. They also explain the process of making wine from the Grenache grape. Restaurant owners and wine stores have specials on Grenache wine. Some restaurants and wine stores host presentations on which Grenache wines pair best with certain foods. Wine producing regions also hold an international competition and gives awards for the world’s best Grenache wines.

Celebrating this day is simple! Pour yourself a glass of wine made from the Grenache grape. You could also invite your friends over for a wine-tasting event. Be sure to spread awareness for this fun day on social media with #InternationalGrenacheDay or #GrenacheDay.


Twenty-two countries attended the first Grenache Symposium held in 2010. The symposium, which consisted of producers, wine writers, and other wine industry experts, was held in Southern France. As a result of the symposium’s success, organizers launched International Grenache Day the following year.

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