International Drone Day - First Saturday in May
(Last Updated On: December 15, 2022)


Every year on the first Saturday in May, International Drone Day celebrates all things related to unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). It’s also a day for drone enthusiasts to convince the world that drones are good. 

Drones are a type of aircraft that are controlled by a pilot. The catch is that the pilot is not actually inside the aircraft. Instead, the pilot is controlling the aircraft on the ground via a remote control. Drones are becoming quite popular throughout the world. The market for drone technology is around $100 billion. About 70 percent of drone technology is linked to the military. The rest is linked to the commercial and consumer sectors. In recent years, personal drones have made up the majority of sales. 

So what exactly do people use drones for? Here are just some examples: 

  • Take aerial photographs and videos
  • Deliver supplies 
  • Take amazing selfies 
  • Race other drones 
  • Gather data 
  • Monitor property 

Many people also just have drones for the fun of it. While many people love drones, some say they should be banned from personal use. They argue that drones can be used to spy on people or to steal information. Others say drones mess up air travel. 

Most countries throughout the world, however, are okay with personal drones, as long as they follow rules and guidelines. In the United States, users must register their drone with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Drone users are also supposed to keep their UAV at or below 400 feet above the ground, fly it within the line of sight, and keep it away from airports and planes. 

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalDroneDay 

On this day, thousands of people all over the world gather together to show that drones are good. Drone users host mini air shows and demonstrate the benefits of having a drone. To participate consider buying your own drone. If you already own a drone, take it out for the day and have some fun. You can also experiment with new ways to use your drone. If you use your drone to take photos or video, be sure to share them on social media with #InternationalDroneDay. 


David Oneal got his first drone in 2014. Because of the lack of information about drones for personal use on the Internet, he decided to start his own video show. He called it “That Drone Show.” He, along with other drone enthusiasts, created International Drone Day. It was their goal to convince the world that drones are good. The first event was held in May 2015. It has been held on the first Saturday of May ever since. 

7 May 2022
6 May 2023
4 May 2024
3 May 2025
2 May 2026
1 May 2027
6 May 2028
5 May 2029
4 May 2030




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