International Day of Happiness - March 20


Every year on March 20th, the International Day of Happiness promotes the idea that part of humanity’s progress should include how to increase happiness and wellbeing.

For far too long, progress in the world has been all about the economy. But more people are realizing that happiness is also an essential part of progress. Happiness is defined as the state of being happy. When someone is happy, they are delighted or glad. People might differ in what makes them happy. Some delight in a good cup of coffee. Others are glad when their dog greets them at the door.

According to research, three things make people happy:

1. The quality of their relationships.
2. Having a job or hobby that they love and that challenges them.
3. Helping others through volunteer work or random acts of kindness.

Having basic needs met can also induce happiness. However, having extra money does not necessarily make people happier.
When there are large numbers of happy people, it makes entire communities, and even entire countries, a happier place to live. Some of the happiest countries in the world include Finland, Denmark, Norway, and Iceland. Apparently, living in colder climates is not an indicator of happiness! Switzerland, New Zealand, Canada, and Australia also ranked in the top 10 for the happiest countries. The United States ranked 19th.

HOW TO OBSERVE #InternationalDayOfHappiness or #DayOfHappiness

On this day, people all around the world are encouraged to create more happiness in the world around them. Think about what you can do to create more happiness. Maybe you can volunteer or help someone in need. Or maybe you need to focus on becoming a happier person. This might involve improving the quality of your relationships. It might also be about finding a more fulfilling job. Whatever you do on this day, be sure to spread the happiness on social media with #InternationalDayOfHappiness.


In 2011, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution that recognized happiness as a fundamental human goal. The resolution called for a more inclusive and balanced approach to economic growth that promotes happiness. In 2012, the first-ever UN Conference on Happiness took place. During this conference, the UN General Assembly adopted a resolution stating International Happiness Day would be celebrated every year on March 20th. The first International Day of Happiness was observed in 2013.