International Clothesline Week - Begins First Saturday in June
(Last Updated On: November 9, 2022)


Beginning the first Saturday in June, International Clothesline Week salutes the efficiency and cost savings of hanging your clothes out to dry.

It doesn’t take much effort to put up a clothesline these days. They come in a variety of interesting mechanisms and sizes so you can customize them to your lifestyle. Whether you live in an apartment or out in the country, there’s a clothesline for you. And the benefits add up, too. Though we will point out from the beginning, one of them is not time savings. Using a clothesline does take a small investment in the time arena, but it makes up for it in benefits.

  • Drying your clothes on a line saves you money on the electric bill.
  • It’s good for the environment. All-natural wind and sun energy are all that goes into drying your clothes.
  • Sleeping on freshly sun-dried sheets is something everyone should experience.
  • Hanging up the laundry on a clothesline is excellent exercise. Up. Down. Up again. Get some squats in while you do the laundry and you get rid of the gym membership to make up for the lost time factor.
  • Line dried clothes require less ironing

People all over the world participate in this week-long celebration. However, many of them hang their clothes to dry all the time. It’s a lifestyle and one worth living.

HOW TO OBSERVE #ClotheslineWeek

Hang a clothesline and then hang your clothes out to dry. Join an event or create a competition. Around the world, communities and organizations host contests and award prizes for a variety of categories such as:

  • Most colorful clothesline
  • Longest clothesline
  • Youngest helper
  • Most unusual clothesline
  • Longest clothesline
  • Clothesline stories
  • Longest standing clothesline

Do you have a clothesline experience to share? Celebrate using #ClotheslineWeek and share on social media.


Gary Drisdelle of Hang to Dry founded International Clothesline Week to encourage clothesline use but also to get people thinking about alternate uses and sustainable living.


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