International Book Giving Day - February 14
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


Every year on February 14th, International Book Giving Day strives to reach one goal. This goal is to get books into the hands of as many children as possible. The volunteer initiative also seeks to increase children’s access to and enthusiasm for books.

When most people see the date, February 14th they automatically think of Valentine’s Day. However, there is another way to share the love on this day. You can share the love of books with a child who may not have any. It might be hard to fathom that in this modern age, there are still children who do not own a single book. Many children in developing countries don’t have books. This is also the case in the United States. About two-thirds of American children living in poverty do not have any books.

Why do children need books? Consider these reasons:

  • Reading books aloud to children helps to create an emotional bond.
  • Books help children develop basic language skills.
  • Books demand children to think and helps them come up with new ideas.
  • They help children develop critical thinking skills.
  • And they expand the worlds of children.
  • Books create and answer questions.
  • They have a way of providing comfort, companionship, and entertainment.

For these reasons and many more, every child should have their own books.

HOW TO OBSERVE #International Book Giving Day

Many libraries, literacy programs, and schools around the world take part in this day. The best way for you to participate is to give a child in need a book. The book doesn’t even have to be brand new, it can be gently used. Other ways to participate include:

Donate books to your local library or a local charity.

  • Donate to an organization that gives books to children, including Book Aid International, Room to Read, and Books for Africa.
  • Sign a child up with Dolly Parton’s Imagination Library so that the child can receive a free book every month.
  • Encourage your child to give away some of their books to a child in need.

Spread awareness for this day on social media with #BookGivingDay.


A group of volunteers who wanted every child in the world to have a book began International Book Giving Day in 2012. Emma Perry, a children’s author in the UK organizes the day. Over 44 countries throughout the world participate.

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