ICE CREAM FOR BREAKFAST DAY - First Saturday in February

Ice Cream for Breakfast Day - First Saturday in February


The first Saturday in February is a big treat because it’s Ice Cream for Breakfast Day! What better way to start the day than with a refreshingly sweet scoop of ice cream with your breakfast?

Whether the sun rises over a frosty morning or a warm one, having a scoop or two of ice cream for breakfast once a year places a bright spot right in the middle of winter. The creamy goodness of chocolate or vanilla will start Saturday off right. Add some fresh fruit or sprinkle some of your favorite cereal for some crunch.

Those who like to get creative with their ice cream might like bacon or avocado-flavored ice cream at breakfast time. How about cinnamon toast and coffee ice cream? There are so many ways to participate in this deliciously good day. All you really have to do, though, is have ice cream for breakfast.


Break out of the winter doldrums and have ice cream for breakfast. Enjoy your favorite kind or get creative and try something new. Have an ice cream breakfast party, and invite friends over to indulge with you! Use #iceCreamForBreakfastDay to share on social media.


In the 1960s, Florence Rappaport of New York created Ice Cream for Breakfast Day as a way to chase away cabin fever for her six children due to a winter storm that had blown through the area. The annual celebration caught on as her children grew and shared it on their travels. Today, the day has been observed in Canada, New Zealand, England, South Africa, Israel, and more.

Ice Cream FAQ

Q. How many calories are in vanilla ice cream?
A. One 1/2 cup of vanilla ice cream has approximately 137 calories.

Q. Are there other unique ice cream days on the calendar?
A. Yes. National Creative Ice Cream Flavors Day is July 1st.

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