National I Love Horses Day July 15


On July 15 we recognize the love of one magnificent creature.  Today is National I love Horses Day!

With over 200 breeds, these spirited animals have given humans much to love.  Their loyalty and devotion throughout history may only be a portion of the reasons to love them. Not just a means of transportation, horses cleared fields, fought wars, moved cattle and were companions on long lonely trails. They were a cornerstone to survival in a burgeoning nation.

The tallest horse breed is the Shire.  The stallions of this draft horse breed tower at 17 hands above the tiny Falabella, which grows to only eight hands and is the smallest breed of horse.

The quarter horse, named for its speed on a short track, is one three fastest breeds of horses.  Thoroughbreds follow quarter horses for longer distance, but Arabians outlast both breeds for endurance on the longest races.


Celebrate by visiting a local stable for a horseback ride, a national park where wild horses still roam or riding your own horse if you have one. Post on social media using #NationalILoveHorsesDay.


Within our research, we were unable to find the creator of National I Love Horses Day.

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