NATIONAL HOP-A-PARK DAY - First Saturday in July

NATIONAL HOP-A-PARK DAY – First Saturday in July


National Hop-A-Park Day on the first Saturday in July creates an opportunity to explore the parks in your area and learn more about your community.

Celebrate the nice weather on a holiday week while enjoying the public parks, green spaces and outdoors as much as possible. Another benefit of the day is getting away from technology, televisions, and our phones. While you’re out, take a stroll or throw a frisbee around. Many parks are centerpieces of our communities making it possible for many who don’t have a yard to enjoy time in some outdoor space. As you’re enjoying the space, visit with neighbors, savor a picnic lunch, or read a book you’ve long been wanting to dive into. 

How many parks are in your area? You might be surprised. Urban planners across the country continue to develop green spaces that fit all residential needs. This commitment leads to more parks overall and a healthier society.

Being able to access green grass and hear the birds singing in the trees positively impacts our daily lives. Playing outdoors and expanding our lungs, making human contact in an open space, in nature sweetens life a little every day. Parks bring nature to us.

HOW TO OBSERVE #NationalHopAParkDay

Celebrate by visiting the different parks in your area. Support your local parks by keeping them clean, too. If you pack it in, pack it out or use available receptacles for trash and recyclables. Pack a lunch and bring a friend Post on social media using #NationalHopAParkDay.


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