Hepatitis Awareness Week - Week of July 28
(Last Updated On: November 8, 2022)


During the week of July 28th, Hepatitis Awareness Week draws attention to this liver disease. Throughout the week, hepatitis C patients are encouraged to take advantage of medications used to treat the condition.
Hepatitis is an inflammatory liver condition. There are five different types of hepatitis, and each type of hepatitis gets transmitted in different ways.

Types of Hepatitis

A – Transmitted by consuming food or water contaminated by the feces of someone with the Hepatitis A virus.
B – Transmitted through infected body fluids or shared needles and razors.
C – Transmitted through direct contact with infected body fluids.
D – Transmitted through direct contact with infected blood and only occurs in conjunction with Hepatitis B.
E – Transmitted by infected water supplies.

Hepatitis B and C are the most common forms of this disease in the United States and worldwide. About 1.2 million people in the United States have Hepatitis B. Throughout the world, 240 million people have Hepatitis B. Up to 3.9 million Americans have Hepatitis C. Across the globe, 71 million people have Hepatitis C. However, Hepatitis E is not that common in the United States. This type of Hepatitis is more prevalent in other parts of the world, including the Middle East, Central America, and Africa.

When is World Hepatitis Day?

Vaccinations are available for Hepatitis A and B. While no vaccines exist for Hepatitis C, most infections are cured with antiviral medications. However, Hepatitis C is easily transmitted. It also does not usually present with symptoms right away, either. That is why everyone is encouraged to get tested for this disease. Complications from Hepatitis C include scarring of the liver, liver cancer, and liver failure. Preventative measures are also encouraged.

  • Practice safe sex – use a condom, be monogamous, abstain altogether.
  • Avoid the use of illicit drugs – sharing needles spreads the disease. Seek treatment and assistance.
  • Use caution when getting body piercings and tattoos. Reputable artists who sterilize their equipment using an autoclave. Artists should be licensed. If an artist isn’t willing to discuss their practices, find another artist.

Hepatitis Awareness Week encourages everyone to learn more about hepatitis and how it might impact our lives.

HOW TO OBSERVE #HepatitisAwarenessWeek

During Hepatitis Awareness Week, many medical facilities offer free informational seminars during this week. To participate, learn about the different types of hepatitis. If you are at risk, you should get tested for Hepatitis C. You may also want to ensure that you and your children’s immunizations for Hepatitis A and B are up-to-date. To help spread awareness, share #HepatitisAwarenessWeek on social media.


Hepatitis Awareness Week is observed during the week of July 28th, which is World Hepatitis Day.


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