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HAGFISH DAY – Third Wednesday in October

Hagfish Day - Third Wednesday in October


On the third Wednesday in October, Hagfish Day brings awareness to the evolved but slimy hagfish. 

Hagfish are considered to be the ugliest of species. The idea behind this National Day is to encourage everyone to look beyond the exterior of the Hagfish and appreciate how highly evolved they are. Not unlike a book cover, the day points out the benefits of looking deeper into the subject.

The hagfish offers many benefits to the ecosystem. Despite its unappealing exterior, it scavenges the ocean floor, cleaning up the debris of dead marine animals. The slime they produce protects them from predators. While it’s thinner than human hair, the slime is stronger than nylon. Researchers are seeking the potential commercial, medical and environmental uses of slime.

In some cultures, this eel is even considered a delicacy.


Learn more about the hagfish and its benefits. Visit an aquarium near you or read up on this fascinating creature. Use #HagfishDay to post on social media. And, if you have images of some you have caught, why not show them to the world?


WhaleTimes founded Hagfish Day in 2009 to ‘beauty of ugly’ and raise awareness of the importance of all animals – not just the pretty ones. 

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