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Inspired skaters carve a space on their calendar on June 21st each year for Go Skateboarding Day!

Retailers, sponsors, parks, and individuals around the world host events showcasing this rebellious and creative culture. A combination of athleticism, dance, and art, skateboarding has grown up in an urban world. It also crosses multicultural divides and speaks to a diverse population. Skaters test the laws of gravity with a variety of ariels and twists, thrilling their fans.

Since the 1950s, skateboarding has been changing and advancing. Beginning with modified surfboards in California, the sport grew into a worldwide phenomenon. The first skateboards were shorter surfboards upgraded with wheels. Since then, every modification has enabled skateboarders to develop more sophisticated and higher tricks.

Famous Skateboarders:
  • Danny Way – Hailing from California, this international skateboarder puts on a show. For example, check out his risky tricks like jumping from helicopters (1997) and jumping over the Great Wall of China (2005).
  • Eric Koston – At the age of 11, Koston picked up skateboarding and never looked back. By 1992, he turned pro and is an inspiration to many younger skaters today.
  • Lizzie Armanto – Like many athletes, Armanto credits her mom with her success. Her firsts add up, too – one of the most prominent being the first woman to successfully complete Tony Hawk’s 360-loop ramp.
  • Mike McGill – As a member of the Skateboarding Hall of Fame, McGill deserves recognition. He also developed the McTwist – an inverted 540° mute grab aerial.
  • Tony Hawk – Besides being one of the best-known skateboarders worldwide, Hawk is a successful businessman, activist, video game developer, and more.

HOW TO OBSERVE #GoSkateboardingDay

One of the best ways to celebrate the day is by showing off your skills. While you do that, be sure to mentor another skateboarder by showing them the ropes. As you support others who are developing their skills, invite them to events where they can master them. You can also host an event or check out ones near you. Other ways to celebrate the day include:

  • Learn new skateboarding moves.
  • Visit your favorite shop and upgrading your board.
  • Attend a skateboarding competition.
  • Help develop a skating park in your community.
  • Create a skateboarding video.
  • Watch a skateboarding documentary.

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Founded in 2004 by the International Association of Skateboard Companies in California, this day has grown into a worldwide celebration of the sport.

June 21st Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) History


The U.S. Patent Office issues Cyrus McCormick a patent for his invention of a reaper.


George Washington Gale Ferris, Jr. debuts his invention, the Ferris wheel, at Chicago’s World’s Columbian Exposition.


New York Liberty beat the Los Angeles Sparks in the first game of the Women’s National Basketball Association.


Test pilot Mike Melvill flew SpaceShipOne into suborbital flight becoming the first civilian to pilot an aircraft into space.


The animated film WALL-E premieres. Directed by Andrew Stanton, the film won the Academy Award for Best Animated Feature Film.

June 21st Celebrated (and Not So Celebrated) Birthdays

Henry Ossawa Tanner – 1859

The internationally acclaimed painter became known for his religious and faith-inspired works. His realistic paintings also depicted scenes of the everyday life of African Americans. Some of his notable works include Into the Light, The Dancing Lesson, and The Thankful Poor.

Daisy Turner – 1883

The gifted American storyteller and poet is noted for her oral recordings of family history.

Juliet Lewis – 1973

The American actress gained recognition for her roles in the early 1990s. You may recognize her in Natural Born Killers, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape and August: Osage County.

Prince William of Wales – 1982

A member of the British royal family, Prince William is second in line to the throne.

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