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Global Diversity Awareness Month - October


October brings Global Diversity Awareness Month to remind us of the positive impact a diverse workforce of men and women can have on a society.

More and more, the world becomes a place where cultures and customs come together, and we are uncertain what is appropriate. Whether a question is taboo or the behavior, there’s opportunity to learn. When we ask questions and are open to learning, the path to two cultures being enlightened is likely.

Incorporate Diversity in the Workplace

Tell storiesOffer the opportunity for new employees to share stories from their culture. While legends and folklore often seem similar across cultures, their differences and how they are told can be colorful and even enlightening to learn.

Have a potluck – Food always brings people together. When the foods of different nations come together, what could be better? Encourage employees to bring their most authentic recipes to share and the histories behind them, too. Take the taste testing a step further and have a contest. Blindfold competitors and see if they can name the country of origin for each dish. The winner earns bragging rights!

Make it visual – Put a map up in your headquarters. Place a pin for each member of your team to represent the nationality. Some corporate companies may touch on countries all over the map, while others may barely reach a few countries. The point is see how each member of your team can more effectively contribute to your company because of his or her experience. By visually understanding the impact your teams’ diversity has, the more your company will thrive.


How will you celebrate? Use #GlobalDiversityAwarenessMonth to post on social media.


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