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National Day Calendar Fundraising Program

2021 CoverAre you seeking a fun and profitable way to earn money for your organization?

National Day Calendar provides a unique fundraising opportunity for causes, classrooms/schools and other non-profits. You make a 40% profit on all sales of our popular National Day Wall Calendar. Begin by setting up a live account to receive your unique link(s). You sell the calendar, we do the rest.

  • No more delivery or pick-up schedules for you or your customers. We handle all of the distribution so there is absolutely no carrying of inventory to delivery orders.
  • We do the shipping so you don’t have to worry about it. We want you to focus on the promotion of your fundraiser to make money for your organization.
  • Your 40% profit from your calendar sale are sent directly to you by check monthly. In addition, you will receive a 40% profit for all products purchased through your fundraiser. These products include t-shirts, socks, jewelry, etc.  
  • We provide an ad copy, images and social content for promotion on your social media channels. 
  • There are no markup or set-up fees.
  • Use your profit for:
    • New playground equipment;
    • Uniforms;
    • Books;
    • Field trips;
    • And much more.

How’s it Work? 

Simply share your link on Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.) and/or e-mail. When people click on the link and place an order, you’re given credit for the sale. It really is that simple! After the order is placed, we handle all the packing and shipping from there. You will receive your funds at the beginning of each month for all orders placed in the previous month.

Unsure if the calendar will sell? Don’t be. We have an established and successful following. We’re not only the #1 trending topic on social media, we are also mentioned daily on national T.V., radio and talk shows. The National Day Calendar:

  • The best-selling Calendar title in the U.S.
  • Features a new national day, week, and month throughout the year.
  • Includes all major public and culturally significant holidays.
  • Full of unusual and unique National Days.
  • Printed on high-quality, FSC Certified paper.
  • Features full-color pages throughout.
  • Perfect in your home, office, or anywhere.
  • Great for families, students of all ages, and professionals in any field.

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