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National Day Calendar Fundraising Program

Are you seeking a fun and profitable way to earn money for your organization?

National Day Calendar provides a turnkey fundraising opportunity for causes, classrooms/schools and other non-profits by offering a 40% return on our popular National Day Wall Calendar.  Best of all, our third-party software system handles most of the heavy lifting, making this the easiest way to put dollars to work for you!

2020 National Day WALL CalendarWhen you set up a live account with National Day Calendar, your unique link(s) handles all of the distribution. There is absolutely no carrying of inventory to delivery orders. We ship directly to your supporters and 40% of the sales proceeds are sent directly to you by check monthly.  Plus, we provide the ad copy, images and social content for promotion on social media. That’s it! No markup or set-up fees, just pure profit without all the fuss. Our beloved brand is happy to give back with this unique opportunity.

Ready to get started? Fill in the form below and we will contact you by phone or email to set up your account.  We are happy to answer your questions and there is no obligation by submitting this form.


Your cause or organization will make 40% on the sales of these One-Of-A-Kind calendars. The calendar makes an amazing gift that people will enjoy every day of the year. Additional funds (25%) can be made with t-shirts and other items that are available.


Simply share your link on Social Media (like Facebook, Twitter, etc.).  When people click on the link, you are given credit for the sale.  It really is that simple! Of course, you can share this any other way you like as well.  Since all orders are placed via your unique link, you get the credit.  Once the order is placed, we handle all the packing and shipping from there.  You will receive your funds at the beginning of each month for all orders placed in the previous month.

Please fill out the form above to indicate your interest in our fundraising program.  Submitting the form does not obligate you in any way, however, we will contact you by phone or email in order to set up your account.