First Contact Day - April 5


First Contact Day on April 5th commemorates a fictional date in the future when an alien species visits Earth and makes contact with Earthlings for the first time.

While the fictional date of 2063 is less than half a generation away, mere humans contemplate the possibilities the further we explore space. Not only do the modern explorers keep our interests piqued, but the science fiction genre continues to pour out stories that thrill and excite us.

One of science fiction’s common themes depicts the first meeting between humans and extraterrestrials. Conspiracy theories surround Area 51, but a popular one speculates that first contact was made there. UFOs often stir up theories about the first contact, too. The earliest documented sighting of a UFO took place in 1639 and was recorded by the governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop.

While celebrating the first contact could mean many things, this celebration focuses on one kind – the Vulcan/humankind meeting. That’s right. It’s a “final frontier” kind of celebration.

HOW TO OBSERVE #FirstContactDay

Brush up on your Star Trek history before you board the U.S.S. Enterprise. Actually, in this case, you’ll need to study a little more recent history of sorts. In any case, here are some ideas for your celebration.

  • Attend a first contact re-enactment party
  • Practice your Vulcan greeting
  • Watch the film Star Trek: First Contact
  • Visit Bozeman, Montana
  • Share your first contact stories
  • Participate in online celebrations
  • Play the song “A Magic Carpet Ride”
  • Download and print the day’s coloring page.

Use #FirstContactDay to share your experiences and to join the conversation on social media.


In 1996, Star Trek: First Contact was released in theaters across the nation. Starfleet and crew travel through time and encounter historical figure Dr. Zefram Cochrane. His spacecraft, the Phoenix, launches and becomes the first in human history to reach warp drive. Moments after the launch, Vulcans appear at the base near Boseman, Montana.

The date is April 5, 2063, and throughout 300 years of future history, First Contact Day honors the achievements of Dr. Cochrane and the historic first interactions between humans and Vulcans. Present-day sci-fi fans celebrate the event as well.

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