FAUX FUR FRIDAY - First Friday in December

FAUX FUR FRIDAY – First Friday in December


Faux Fur Friday, observed on the first Friday in December, provides a stylish way to wear and buy faux fur.

Also known as fake fur, the textile made its debut in 1929. Initially made from alpaca wool, faux fur increased in quality as synthetic fibers became available. The fibers not only allowed for more variety and texture, but they also provided warmth. While the neo fur didn’t breath as well as animal fur, nor did it insulate as well, it lasted longer. Animal fur required refrigeration to avoid degrading. 

Whether you call it fake, imitation or simulated, faux fur has found a place in fashion. Designers use it as an accent on clothing. They also create decor and entire ensembles. Faux fur comes in every color imaginable, too. 


Throw a faux fur style show or shop for a faux fur deal. Wrap yourself in a soft, furry throw or poncho. Add some faux fur to a denim jacket or jazz up pillow in your room. Share your faux fur secrets and use #FauxFurFriday to post on social media.


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