Endometriosis Awareness Month - March


The month of March brings women, families and medical communities together for Endometriosis Awareness Month. During this time, millions of people all over the world honor this month to recognize the 176 million women who suffer from this disease. Endometriosis is a disorder in which tissue much like endometrial tissue (the inner lining of the uterus) migrates to areas outside the uterus, like the ovaries and the Fallopian tubes. Endometrial like cells may transport to other parts of the body as well. This causes extreme pain in the pelvic region, and can also cause cysts, adhesions, heavy periods, bleeding between periods, and infertility. This month, we stand together in support of women who suffer from endometriosis, and we push for funding so that a cure can be found.

HOW TO OBSERVE #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth

Learn more about the causes of and treatments for endometriosis. Use #EndometriosisAwarenessMonth and EndoMarch to share on social media. Here are some other ways you can participate this month.

  1. Speak up. It’s easy, and it’s effective. If you raise your voice about important issues like this, people will listen. Get talking.
  2. Post on social media; whether it’s fact-sharing, raising awareness, a personal story, or simply sharing this blog… the more we make it known, the better.
  3. Be a part of something. There are tons of endometriosis awareness events that take place in communities all over the country, all year long. Find one near you and attend.
  4. Educate, and be educated. The more we know and spread the truth, the more others will start to care and the closer we will be to a cure or better treatments for endometriosis.


The movement of Endometriosis Awareness began in 1993 when Mary Lou Ballweg was one of eight women who founded it; first as a week-long time to recognize those suffering with endometriosis. Eventually, this blossomed and grew into Endometriosis Awareness Month that’s now observed every year in the United States.

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