Dyslexia Awareness Month - October


Dyslexia Awareness Month in October seeks to raise awareness and share the tools to increase better reading skills. Around the world, those who have been diagnosed with the condition will find new resources and approaches to reading. Throughout Dyslexia Awareness Month, events and seminars will provide opportunities for educators and families to access the many benefits available to them.

From experts to clinics and schools, a variety of specialists and facilities support working toward a better understanding of dyslexia. By improving literacy rates for those with dyslexia, we improve their success throughout their entire educational career and beyond. Learning to read is one of the most powerful tools a student can have in their lifetime. 

Some signs of dyslexia include:

  • difficulty learning simple rhymes
  • speech delays
  • trouble identifying left and right
  • leaving out or repeating short words
  • trouble following complex directions
  • writing letters backward or reversing them while reading
  • difficulty with spelling
  • avoid reading aloud
  • trouble learning to tell time

Over the years, many tools have been developed to help students overcome dyslexia. From reading programs and small groups to practicing sight words, a variety of strategies helps students to read and enjoy it, too!

HOW TO OBSERVE #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth

Attend events and find new ways of tackling dyslexia. Give students the gift of reading and the confidence to succeed. Visit the International Dyslexia Association for more information. Use #DyslexiaAwarenessMonth to post on social media.


National Dyslexia Awareness Month was first celebrated in 2002.