DRINK LOCAL WINE WEEK – Second Full Week in October

Drink Local Wine Week - Second Full Week in October
(Last Updated On: February 16, 2023)


Drink Local Wine Week is a national annual event recruiting and encouraging bloggers and wine columnists to write about their local wines the second full week in October. The week prompts everyone to explore and discover new wine experiences – the taste, the fragrance, and the food pairings.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the local wine industry has increased. Americans spend about $70 billion every year on wine, and of that, they spend about $45 billion on American wine.
Americans drink more wine than almost anyone except France. America knocked Italy out of the number two position of wine consumption.

Gone are the days of ultra-sweet, high-octane “grape wine with citrus spirits” sometimes called “bum wine.” https://www.bumwine.com/tbird.html Those wines are still available, labeled Thunderbird, Ripple, Boone’s Farm, or Bali Hai, but this week, everyone is encouraged to aim a little higher in the wine list.

Every wine is as different as every person. People in the wine industry say it is “terroir” that produces differences. Terroir is the combination of soil, sun exposure, and micro-climate that influences how things grow in a local area. Today a fine wine may be produced more closely to you than you think, and each is a product of its own terroir.

Every state in America has a local winery. California has the most with 4,500; Washington has 776; Oregon, 770; New York, 400; Texas, 323 and Virginia, 280. You can find a local wine by checking with a local liquor store or wine shop. You can also check popular local media. Or start with the label. It will describe its origin by political boundaries such as a county, state, or country.

HOW TO OBSERVE #DrinkLocalWineWeek

Obviously, if you are of legal drinking age, drink local wine.

Are you looking for local wines? You can explore your state’s tourism website. They focus on highlighting local businesses as well as attractions. You can also visit wine-searchers.com to find wines in your area.

Use #DrinkLocalWineWeek to share your favorites and follow the story.


Drink Local Wine Week began in 2008 as a coordinated effort from the group called “Drink Local Wine”(DLW). The goal of DLW was to bring more considerable attention to regional wines. The group took a break after 2013. What started as a website grew into a non-profit organization, complete with a Board of Directors of wine enthusiasts across the country dedicated to telling the story of local wine.

Now, Drink Local Wine Week has a life of its own. So even though the original organization is inactive, you’ll find current articles and events about local wines

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