DENIM DAY - Changes Annually

DENIM DAY – Changes Annually


Each year in April, Denim Day raises awareness about all forms of sexual violence.

Throughout the country and world, the day sets a standard of support for survivors and provides a foundation for solidarity through a simple message; there is no reason for sexual assault, not even the type of clothes a person wears.

The statistics are staggering but the personal stories more haunting. According to RAINN statistics, 1 in every 6 American women has been a victim of an attempted or completed rape in her lifetime. There is no reason for them to be victims – not their age, their clothes, or their status. A woman’s job, clothing, and socio-economic status are not an invitation to assault.

The day calls for everyone to wear denim to show support for victims and survivors of sexual harassment, abuse, assault, and rape. College campuses, clinics, businesses, and organizations host educational events and fundraisers to increase awareness and change misconceptions.


On Denim Day, wear denim. You can also join a prevention and education campaign. Your donation will help spread the message even further. Volunteer to help the cause – domestic violence centers and hotlines require assistance. Learn to become an advocate for change. Start a conversation. During your discussion, share experiences. Learn more by visiting and use #DenimDay to share on social media.


An Italian Parliament in 1999 overturned a 1992 rape conviction based on the victim’s clothing. According to the decision, the woman was wearing tight jeans, and therefore must have given consent. This decision led to protests in Italy where women wore jeans showing support for the victim.

Since then, Peace Over Violence has sponsored Denim Day to raise awareness and eliminate sexual violence around the world.

April 28, 2021
2022 (Unknown)

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